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Irony Helicopter

During the 2019 fall semester, I had plans to enter some of my artwork into a local environmental art show at my college, RCBC. Somehow, the news of the show had only crossed my eyes just a few weeks before, leaving me scrambling to create something small, fun, and new. I then pieced together a fan motor, a dishwasher propellor, the mount of a security camera, and an iron I got from my best friend.

Despite me being quite pleased with the idea of a helicopter made from an iron, lack of inspiration would leave the unfinished piece sitting in my garage for months.


It never ended up getting entered into the show, and disputes with my mom made completion that much more challenging, especially when the switch to turn on and adjust the speed of the motor went missing.  It wouldn't be until I rediscovered the switch in an empty box that used to contain my welding helmet that hope was restored, and the Irony Helicopter took its first flight. 

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