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In 2019, I was apart of the pioneering cohort of WHYY's Career Pathways Program, where students were able to get summer jobs at real companies in the multi-media industry. For the end of the final showcase, I decided to produce a sculpture highlighting my summer internship at Comcast.

The hundreds of color-changing lights on the piece represent the thousands of photos of the buildings and attractions that I spent the summer sorting into a central photo library. 

The day of the showcase was a great relief for me, because despite initially planning to complete the sculpture over the course of a few weeks, I ended up having to complete nearly all of it in just 4 days. It would have been done sooner if that darn inspiration hadn't decided to take an inappropriate week-long lunch break.


In addition to the lightning-esque speed at which I had to build and rebuild when something didn't work right, my pride and desire to express my original idea kept me fixated on making something more intricate than my last project. Whether or not it was entirely necessary, the model of Comcast's newest building, the Comcast Technology Center, or CTC, is capable of folding to the side to save space. This is a vestigial feature leftover from when I planned to put the whole thing inside of a hinged box.


That box proved to be too ambitious, leaving the CTC's acrobatics to make for a good opening presentation. Even though it was grueling, the memories of working until my ankles were too sore to stand as I listened to Tame Impala's "Half Full Glass Of Wine" and the White Stripes self-titled album still bring a smile to my face. 

A few fun facts:

The sculpture's title comes from the name of the Comcast video wall:
"The Comcast Experience", which is represented in this piece by the circuit boards that resemble its real life shape. The boards are also Comcast E-waste that would have otherwise been recycled.

The model CTC is actually made out of the same shelving material as the Electric Crutch Guitar.


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