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The All

American Lemon


During sophomore year of high school, students in driver's ed were required to draw a model car dashboard for a class assignment. I took one look at that paper, exclaimed "I can't draw to save my life.", and asked if I could build one instead. Earlier that month, I had completed one of my first found art sculptures: Medicus. When my teacher, Mrs. Hemphill agreed, I set out to build a car dashboard where each piece required for the assignment was functional. By the time it was finished, The All American Lemon contained features like a working radio circuit (my favorite). I reused this from a shower radio. I also installed a "headlight" that was actually a circular led push light. At the end of the day, the adopted message behind this piece was simple:  It's better to drive the not so fancy used car than it is to be buried in mountains of debt before you turn 18.


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